My translations are of top quality because...

  • I studied translating in Leipzig, Edinburgh and Moscow for five years.
  • I have been working as a freelancer since 1997
  • I only accept jobs in my fields of expertise and when feeling absolutely comfortable with them.
  • I use state-of-the-art translation memory and terminology software. This means that your client's terminology will stay consistent.
  • I can import your client's existing terminology and/or translations.
  • If I have queries regarding your client's terminology, I will contact you well before the deadline
  • I thoroughly check my translations for orthography, grammar, and style.
  • A second native German speaker proofreads all my translations – at no extra charge to you.

The same applies for my colleagues' translations:

  • Every translator only translates into his/her mother tongue.
  • Every translator only translates in his/her field of expertise.
  • The translator and/or proofreader holds a degree in translating.
  • Both the translator and/or proofreader checks his/her translation.

Jörg Loebnau (Graduate translator) Since 1997

English German
Dutch German
Russian German

What clients think

  • Hennig Borchert:Competent translator, fast return, good communication. Let's do this again,Joerg.
  • Karineshu: Excellent work, delivery on time, good communication, a translator you can rely on!
  • David Payton: Fast and efficient, definitely would use agan.
  • psommer: Very efficient.
  • Wortwelt: Have done a number of assignments with Mr Loebnau. He is very reliable and a definite pro, always a pleasure to work with.
  • Dot Bell: Very efficient, used for technical German.
  • Carl Carter: Good-quaility translations and a reliable colleague.
  • pacqts: Reliable, on time, with quality work.
  • bosat: Reliable and punctual. Anytime again.


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Business Translation Services

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CV & Degree

Birth date/place:

27/12/1970 in Burg (Saxony-Anhalt, Germany)

Sept. 1977 – July 1987

High school in Burg, overall leaving certificate grade: ‘very good’.

Sept. 1987 – July 1989

Extended secondary school in Burg, overall leaving
certificate grade: ‘excellent’

September 1989 – July 1994

Interpreting and translating courses at Leipzig University Exchange student at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Exchange student at the Linguistic University, Moscow Foreign language certificate in FRENCH

21 October 1994

Leipzig University diploma: ‘Qualified translator for English and Russian’ (grade 2.2)

3 January 1996 – 2 January 1997

Consultant on Eastern European trade (Magdeburger Bildungswerke)

13 January 1997 – 25 May 1998

Course for young entrepreneurs/freelancers at EDUCA (Magdeburg)

2 June 1997 – to present

Freelancing translator: from English, Dutch, Russian into German